Privacy Policy,Terms and Conditions

Basic Terms

  • The Company – the Company is the carrier or intermediary of the carriage of ChelAutoTrans s.r.o., with its registered office at Pocernicka 62a, Prague, postal code 108 00, which provides or arranges transportation and other services based on these business conditions for the Customer.
  • The Customer – a person or a company that uses the Company’s services on the basis of an order or contract, subject to these business terms and conditions.
  • Terms and Conditions – the conditions under which the Company provides its transportation to the Customer; the indispensable condition for using the services of the Company is the expressed consent of the Customer in regard to these terms.
  • The Service/Transportation – the actual transport or brokering of Transportation, travel services, or other Customer services, performed or mediated by the Company.
  • The Driver– the Driver is an employee of ChelAutoTrans s.r.o, or a contractual driver with whom ChelAutoTrans, s.r.o., arranges a transport service
  • Personal Data of Customers – personal data that, in connection with the ordering or implementation of the Company’s activities for the Customer, are communicated by the Customer of the Company.

What data do we collect?

  • Full name
  • Contact information including email address and phone number
  • Website usage data
  • Other information relevant to client inquiries: arrival date, arrival time, arrival flight number, departure date, departure pick up time, additional services, hotel name or property address, pick up point, drop off point, selected route and points of interest

How do we use the data?

Collecting this data helps us understand customers’ needs and requirements.

Specifically we use the data:

  • For our own records.
  • To improve the products and services we provide.
  • To contact customers in response to a specific inquiry.
  • To adjust the website for better users’ experience.
  • To send promotional emails about products, services, offers and other things that might be relevant and interesting for the website users.

Change of Reservation and Cancellation Conditions

If a Customer wishes to change or cancel his reservation for any reason, he may do so through the Company’s website – transfersline.com, by email or by telephone before leaving – at 24 hours before the pickup time. If the Customer has already paid for the pickup and cancelled the ride in the required time, the Company will return the money to him or the service will not be invoiced. If the Customer fails to cancel the service in a timely manner, the prepaid advance or the amount for the execution of the transport is considered to be the amount of the contractual penalty that compensates the Company with the damage caused by the late cancellation.Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled pickup time, otherwise the Company will charge a 100% cancellation fee as a flat-rate compensation in the form of a contractual penalty paid by the Customer.