Mikulov is a small town in the South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic. It is located only 2:20 hours drive from Prague and is a great place for day trips or you can make sightseeing stop on the way from Prague to Vienna or Vienna to Prague.

It has a rich history and culture, as evidenced by its many sights. From the castle Mikulov to the Holy Hill and Old Synagogue, there are plenty of things to see and do in this charming town. For those interested in Jewish history, the Jewish cemetery is a must-see. With so much to explore, visitors will find that there is something for everyone in Mikulov!

Mikulov was founded in the tenth century by Czech knight, Vratislaus II. The town is located where a river meets the Bílina River, and thanks to its strategic location, it quickly became a prosperous and powerful city. Throughout its history, Mikulov has seen many invasions from both Hungary (as well as other nations) due to its close proximity to the border and because of this, it is also home to a large castle that dates back 600 years! During World War II, Mikulov changed hands six times. Mikulov was originally governed by the Teutonic Knights in 1233. , who were religious crusaders from Germany. In 1365, the castle was bought by a Czech nobleman and became part of the Kingdom of Bohemia. It then changed hands to the Habsburg Monarchy in 1527 before becoming a part of Austria-Hungary in 1867. Czechoslovakia gained independence from Austria-Hungary in 1918, which was then lost when Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia the next year. From 1945 until now, Mikulov has been under Czech Republic rule since they regained their freedom! However, it is still often visited by travelers who like to explore castles.

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